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Hotel Ambasciatori is Pet friendly

Hotel Ambasciatori loves animals but in order to respect all the guests and above all for common hygiene rules, we ask to the owners to respect some simple rules as follows.

We kindly ask you to inform us in advance if you are travelling with your pet. The presence of the animals must be communicated during the booking procedures.

The animals must be keep always on a leash and their behavior must be managed by the owner so as not to disturb other guests. The room is prepared thinking about the animals’ needs but also for guests who will stay later. The customer must be adequately equipped for the well-being of his animal. In the room you will find a bowl and a kennel for night rest. Any use of bed linen and/or towels for the animal (grooming, bedding or other) is forbidden. We ask you not to pick up the animal on the beds, armchairs, chairs, tables etc. It is prohibited to leave the animals alone in the rooms during the whole stay. We ask you this to avoid unpleasant discussions concerning any damage or disturbance of other guests by your “friends” who can be frightened by not recognizing places they are familiar with.

For reasons of hygiene regulations, it is forbidden to bring any animal into the breakfast room and the restaurant. We always have tables available outside of the restaurant area where you can sit with your pets and enjoy the same services as the other guests.

A dog area is available just in front of our hotel in the Marconi park. If you need veterinary assistance less than 5 minutes far from our hotel you can find 3 vet clinics: Happy Friends in Via Triumplina, the Santa Chiara Veterinary Hospital (both open 24h) and the SOS Veterinary Center. And if you need a dog sitter we will look for it …..

The room, after your departure, requires a special sanitation which obviously requires more time and more attention. For this reason we ask you a small extra charge of Euro 5,00 per day.


Hotel Ambasciatori is not the organizer of events and informs you that dates and programs may change without notice.